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Are you ready to take your blog from a side hobby to a side hustle, and to earn an income for your hard work? If you’re a blogger who’s been building a following and wondering what your next step is, look no further! This course will teach you how to build a blogging empire, freeing your time and empowering you to make a positive impact on those around you. It’s time to Get it Girl!
  • Gain Focus

    Get it Girl combines education with a mastermind community of fellow Get it Girls all eager to help you with your goals.

  • Get Momentum

    Learn how to reach new customers, build trust with your audience, and scale your meaningful, profitable business.

  • Build Your Empire

    With three simple strategies, you’ll gain the clarity and confidence to go from dreaming to doing. Build your dreams on your terms.

Course curriculum

    1. 1. Intro to marketing in a digital world

    1. 2. Identifying Your Niche

    1. 3. Starting with a website

    1. 4. Foundations of analytics

    1. 5. Search engine optimization

    1. 6. Search & display marketing

About this course

  • $1,800.00
  • 8 lessons
  • 5 hours of video content


“Thanks to Get it Girl, I’m now my own boss! The glass ceiling doesn’t exist for me and I’ve never felt more in control of my business and my life. Thank you Lainey for this program! It’s completely changed my life and has given me the clarity to focus on what matters. I now have a job that I not only love, but that also feeds my soul! ”

Elle Chen

“This is the first online course I’ve taken that has led to dramatic and measurable results for my business. This course has empowered me to create the life I want and I am no longer dreaming it, I am living it!”

Meera Reddy


Lainey Peters, Get it Girl Founder

I’m a city girl who started out with nothing more than passion, a laptop, and the drive to make her dreams a reality. I’ve been where you are - I’ve given up the security of the 9-5, I’ve waited tables to keep a roof over my head, and I’ve poured my heart into my work with little more than a dream of success. Today, I’m a published author, accomplished speaker, and founder of Get it Girl, a socially conscious digital empire that inspires countless women around the world build their own empires. Will you join us as the next Get it Girl?


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